packaging sux

a few words on packaging: we hate it.

if we could get this f@#king transporter to work we would beam the socks right to you!

until then, when we send you socks we try to keep packaging to a minimum. it creates extra weight (why pay to ship that) and fills up your trash.

here's a bunch of stuff we won't do:

  • no plastic bags
  • no thingys that keep the socks together that you have cut off
  • no shipping from multiple warehouses...we only have one :-)
  • no tissue paper
  • no bubble wrap
  • no hang tags
  • no oversized boxes

we ship in 100% recycled (and recyclable or better yet re-usable) envelopes from locally (just down the road) based ecoenclose llc 

and hey...thanks for reading this...'cause you made it to the end here is a super secret discount code: FREESTICKER

use it to get a free sticker with any sock purchase.