deep space drinkin' sock
deep space drinkin' sock
deep space drinkin' sock

deep space drinkin' sock

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disclaimer: these socks are for adults only! you must be 21 yrs or older to wear them!

first, a planetoid poem…..

 when your earthly sun goes down

an alien will night out on the town n’ clown

wearin’ these socks not caring what humanoids are thinkin’

the alien says….i ain’t drunk i’m just drinkin’

 got it?.......ok

here’s the bullet points baby….

  • the socks were inspired by albert collins & cache mundy
  • retro styled in blue hues they depict a lovely alien friend sipping on what appears to be a cosmic cocktail. (hence our age disclaimer?) :: ))
  • whether martian martinis or deep space daquiris these socks are “guaranteed” to make drinks tastier
  • if over-served please remove shoe, expose your sole & remind your accuser of the “just drinkin” excuse

ack ack ack

these sgx style custom socks are woven in the usa with lunar love. made of a clever blend of polypropylene, nylon, and spandex for elite performance whether cycling, running or hanging around. 6” cuff, compression fit, performance ribbing, enhanced ventilation and a reinforced toe/heel area.